Affordable Car Insurance

Affordable Car Insurance Introduction

What Is Affordable Car Insurance?

Does “affordable car insurance” mean “cheap car insurance?” I prefer to think that it does not.

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Affordable Car Insurance!

“Cheap” usually means low in price compared to other offerings. More importantly, most people consider a “cheap” product to be a noticeably inferior product, whether you’re talking about insurance or a physical product like a toaster.

I define affordable car insurance as insurance which:

  1. Meets or exceeds the requirements of your state,
  2. Meets your personal requirements, and finally,
  3. Is offered at a price acceptable to you.

Perhaps the word “affordable” should be changed to the word “value.” That is what we are seeking: “value” in car insurance. One could say that affordable car insurance is insurance which meets your personal requirements, the requirements of the state in which you live, and is available at a price which is acceptable to you.

Customer Service

When shopping and comparing car insurance, the two most obvious things to consider are the financial limits of the policy and the price of the policy.

There’s another very important factor to consider: service!

But how do you compare service, without having an accident and experiencing the insurance company’s service first-hand? It’s not easy.

Some companies with local offices provide horrible service. And some companies which offer affordable car insurance online offer excellent service.

If you have friends who have had accidents and dealt with insurance companies, ask them about their experience. Also, do as much research right here on the Internet as you can. For example, you can go to and search for “nameofinsurancecompany: review.” You’ll probably find lots of comments by customers.

Beware, however. Remember, anyone can post anything on the ‘net. It doesn’t have to be true! Some folks have a disagreement with a company and post hateful and emotion-filled comments. Ignore them! But read through all the comments you find. You’ll soon get a feel for the level of customer service the company provides.

If your insurance company doesn’t have adequate customer service, you really don’t have affordable car insurance.

Consider How You Use Your Car

When shopping for affordable car insurance, be sure to consider how you use your vehicle. If you drive to and from work and run errands in your city, rarely venturing beyond what is considered the local area, you don’t need insurance with an elaborate nation-wide network of offices or customer service locations.

Conversely, if you frequently travel to other cities or other states a small local company might not be able to provide adequate customer service.

Affordable car insurance which is not able to provide the support you need is not really affordable. You’ll incur additional expenses which must be added to the overall cost of the insurance.

The Extras

The main components of car insurance are liability, which is required by law in most states, and collision. But there are other components available.

You can add coverage for towing costs. You can also add coverage for uninsured motorists. Even though required by state laws, there are some drivers—possibly many!—who simply do not have insurance. If you are in an accident with them, there is no way to recover costs from them. You can add this coverage to your own policy. Understandably, these additions increase the cost but may be well worth it.

If you live in an area with a high percentage of drivers who are uninsured, you might consider coverage of uninsured drivers necessary on your affordable car insurance policy.


Remember, affordable car insurance must meet the legal requirements, meet your personal requirements, and be available at a price acceptable to you.

Do research to find the best value for your situation. Once you have the best value, you can consider that you have affordable car insurance.