California State Auto Insurance

California State Auto Insurance: Liability Required

Photo of map of California, useful for drivers who have California state auto insurance.

Here’s where you need California state auto insurance!

To register your car in California, you must have proof of liability insurance. (There are alternate means of meeting the requirement.) You must be financially responsible to the extent required by law. California state auto insurance liability coverage limits are $15,000 for injury or death per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 property damage.

Other Ways of Meeting Your Financial Responsibility

You don’t actually have to have liability insurance. You can meet the requirements of the California state auto insurance regulations by:

  1. Making a cash deposit of $35,000 with the California DMV, or
  2. Having a surety bond of $35,000, or
  3. Having a certificate of self insurance. This option doesn’t apply to the average driver. It is only available to those who have a fleet of at least 25 vehicles.

Required Discount

California state car insurance regulations require a 20% discount for good drivers! There’s a definition of “good driver.” Fortunately it’s not hard to qualify.

Many companies offer other discounts. Be sure to check to see if you qualify for any of them!

Credit Score Can’t Be Used

According to California state auto insurance laws, it is illegal to use credit scores to determine premiums. This is another aspect which, I believe, is unique to California.

Factors directly related to the risk of having a car accident may be used. Among them are driver’s age, location, make and model of car, and driving record.

Buying California State Auto Insurance

You might have noticed that California state auto insurance is a bit different from insurance in most states! Therefore, before buying insurance in California it makes sense that one study the insurance regulations. A knowledgeable buyer is a wise buyer!

Here’s one website with a lot of info on California state auto insurance:

You can also learn a lot about buying California state auto insurance by searching on the Internet. Search for “california state auto insurance” on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine. There will be enough references to keep you busy for hours! You won’t want to spend that long, so just pick a few of the most promising items.

Pick two or three companies and research them. After that, you might want to call a local representative with any questions you might have about buying California state auto insurance. Of course you do not need to buy from a local agent. You may chose to purchase directly over the Internet.


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