Motorcycle Insurance

Good News Regarding Motorcycle Insurance

Yes, there is good news indeed! When you google “motorcycle insurance” you’ll have a dozen or more pages of information sources!

Photo of Honda CB-100c, which has motorcycle insurance.

This Honda CB-1000c has motorcycle insurance!

Many companies suggest that their company is a “motorcycle insurance specialist” or that they offer superior service to motorcyclists. This is good! It means that you can buy your motorcycle insurance from someone who understands motorcycles!

It’s always comforting to do business with companies and people who know and understand your situation. First, it simply makes communicating with each other easier!

In addition, it might result in less expensive motorcycle insurance! Some years ago, I had my fifth-wheel trailer insured with the same company which had my car insurance. I wanted to take the trailer to Mexico so had to have insurance valid there. My auto insurer would not even offer it!

I found another company, one which specialized in RVs, and purchased insurance for my trailer from them.

And saved hundreds of dollars over my previous insurer! The truth is, my “big name” auto insurer apparently had no interest in insuring RVs so they jacked the price up.

If you get motorcycle insurance from a company specializing in motorcycles, you very well might have a similar experience.

Online Purchase of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcyclists have the reputation of being an independent lot. That may translate into them not being reluctant to purchase their motorcycle insurance policy over the Internet. The fact that there are so many offerings online lead me to believe that might be the case.

Should you hesitate to buy through the Internet?

The short answer is, “No!” A more detailed answer would include the suggestion that you do adequate research on the coverage, cost, and company before purchasing. You should do the same if you buy motorcycle insurance from a local agent, of course. The same is true for auto insurance.

Discounts on Motorcycle Insurance

You’ll notice many discounts are available when buying motorcycle insurance. Be sure to learn all you can about them. Remember, money you save on insurance can be used to purchase gas or pay for motel rooms!

Photo of Suzuki Burgman 400, covered by motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle insurance covers this Suzuki Burgman 400.

Common things for which discounts are offered include insuring multiple vehicles or properties with the same company. Some offer discounts on their motorcycle insurance policies to riders who have taken a motorcycle safety course.

Membership in certain rider groups might qualify you for a discount.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions! Asking the right questions can reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance!

Happy and safe riding!

1983 Honda CB-1000c For Sale

The classic Honda shown in the picture at the top of this article is for sale! It’s still a good ride, with only about 6,500 miles on her. Nearly new tires and an unscratched windshield are special features.

Motorcycle insurance for this somewhat rare bike is fairly low priced because of its age.

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