Texas Auto Insurance

Car Insurance in the Lone Star State

Texas requires that you pay for expenses related to property damage or injuries from accidents you cause. The most obvious way to meet this requirement of Texas auto insurance regulations is by purchasing liability insurance. (There are alternatives to insurance, but most drivers are not interested in using them.)

Texas auto insurance liability requirements are higher than many other states. Minimum requirements are $30,000/60,000 for bodily injury per person/accident and $25,000 property damage.

Unique Feature of Texas Auto Insurance

You very well might get a 5% discount on your Texas auto insurance for taking a drug and alcohol awareness course!

Photo of Texas license plate, illustrating Texas auto insurance.

Having Texas auto insurance lets you keep your plates!

We all want to lower our premium costs so be sure to check on this and other discounts. Most companies offer discounts for insuring multiple cars or your home or business with them.

Also check to see if they offer a discount for good driving or having completed driving courses. It can’t hurt to ask and it might help a lot!

Optional Coverages

The only required auto insurance coverage is liability. However, in Texas as in other states, most drivers purchase additional coverage.

Uninsured Drivers

Uninsured drivers or underinsured drivers are important coverages to consider with your Texas auto insurance. Estimates are that 20% of the drivers in Texas have no insurance! That means that, on average, every fifth driver does not have insurance!

Do you want to accept the financial responsibility of those drivers if you have an accident with one? If not, purchase uninsured motorist coverage with your Texas auto insurance. In the event you need it, you’ll be very glad you have it.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Liability coverage does not cover damage to your vehicle or medical expenses to those in your car. Collision insurance will cover damage to your car. Medical coverage will cover medical expenses to those injured in your car.

Texas auto insurance policies can also include comprehensive coverage. That coverage will cover non-accident damage to your vehicle. Hail damage or a tree branch falling on your car and causing damage are examples.

Towing Coverage

Texas is a huge state, its size exceeded only by that of Alaska. Much of Texas is sparsely populated. It may be over a hundred miles between towns! If you travel those areas of Texas frequently, you might want to carefully consider including towing coverage in your Texas auto insurance policy. Tows of this distance can be expensive!

Texas Auto Insurance

Because of its size, large population, large cities, and diverse topography and population groups, Texas has a lot to offer! You can find almost anything you want in Texas.

You will also find a large offering when you research Texas auto insurance. Perhaps the easiest way is to spend some time on the Internet. You can do your preliminary research right at home!

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